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What We Do
Hollywood Cares was launched in 2022 by Founder and President of Hollywood Unlocked Jason Lee, because he recognized the tremendous untapped potential in the world of pop culture to uplift underserved youth, particularly in brown and black communities. 

Our work unlocks critical resources from the culture — from brand and individual influence to big media reach — to provide life-changing programming for these young people. We help our youth see the very best in themselves, and equip them with the tools to empower themselves and others, with programming centered around:

  • Youth Leadership: Skilling youth to lead culture and tackle the issues around them. 

  • Civic Engagement: Giving youth ownership as active civic leaders, who give back to their community.

  • Personal Development: Helping youth grow their social and emotional intelligence and develop confidence through mentorship.

Be The First To Partner With Us

Get the latest updates on Hollywood Cares and learn how to partner with us as we activate pop culture to tackle the biggest challenges that underserved black and brown youth face today.

A local youth initiative, with national aspirations.

Our core focus for Hollywood Care’s inaugural year is to establish our I AM READY initiative, in partnership with the City of Stockton, California. We are starting our programming in a city that means so much to our foundation. The ultimate vision? Taking this program national.

Through a community organizing model — youth-led after-school clubs and conferences — we are preparing young people to embrace their lives with the hope and skills necessary to say “I AM READY” for all of the opportunities and challenges ahead. We provide rich character and community-building content, built on four core pillars:

  • Behavior and Mental Health: Cultivating positive interactions across communities.

  • Practice: Developing an attitude of respect for self and others. 

  • Decision-making: Choosing outcomes that lift up, rather than limit.

  • Policies: Developing individual and collective efforts that support personal development and community impact. 


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